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Mexican Decoratives handcrafts


Mexican Decoratives handcrafts

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An interesting aspect of Mexican Decoratives handcrafts is the raw material for its elaboration, which comes from recycleable glass, basically of commercial packages. The load or “pedacería” of different quality and manifold origin, is transformed in the furnace at one thousand two hundred degrees of temperature in a viscous broth of mixed smelting and uniform appearance.


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At the moment of initiating the task, the characteristics of each Mexican Decoratives handcrafts piece will be established by the craftsmen previously in the case of the reproduction, thought if he´s going to create or intuited, if a lyricism luck induces to improvise with new solutions. The process of creating a hand blown glass piece initiates when senior officers or “aparazonador” takes part taking a small sample to prove the state of the fused mass. This is made with the cane blow, a meter and a half long iron tube with fuze in an end. The cane with a small amount of fuzed glass is taken, this will constitute the structural base of all object, whatever it´s form or its volume; the art of the glass does not admit slowness because the crafter has to work against the gradual hardening of the matter, whose cooling occurs a speed of 10 degrees per second.



Again on a plastic state, viscous and maleable, the incandescent piece of the hand blown glass is trusted to the finisher. The finishing teacher, peak of the artisan hierarchy, in his special bank of work, models the Mexican Decoratives handcrafts piece with the attendance of the apprentice or “asero” that will provide the finisher with the glass to add mising elements to the piece.

The final piece is taken by a craftsman known as pin to a coffer, a heating furnace. In the coffer the piece will go through a cooling period of 24 hours, leaving the glass ready.

The value and merit of the blown glass objects, lays directly in the difficulties of its elaboration that depend on the complications of the formal design; that is to say, the special amount of used colors, effects. The most important reason is the work of the handcrafters and the personal effort made in each piece.


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