Mexican Hand blown glassware

Mexican Hand blown glassware

Mexican Hand blown glassware


Mexican Hand blown glassware

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Is in the State of Jalisco where Mexican hand blown glassware has its place and the experts are recognized for manufacturing this product.  It´s a millennial art from about 500 years B.C. that since pharaonic times this knowledge about glass was already used, not so elaborated like present time but still was much appreciated back then.

It´s precisely at Tonalá and Tlaquepaque, Jalisco were there are exhibition workshops, called like that because they can be visited by public and appreciate from a platform how the marvelous and different Mexican hand blown glassware is elaborated.

The Mexican hand blown glassware is very versatile that can be found at imitation jewelry, collars, bracelets, rings, earrings or as a decorative piece on jars, frames, sculptures and of course cant be missed the so known beautiful lamps or spiders that had given international prestige to Mexican hand blown glassware.



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Impregnated is the Mexican hand blown glassware with artistic representations to the elaborated pieces where color and design is set at workshops taken from their surroundings, since a Calla lilly ´till a bull silhouette representing the Bullfighting Festival so famous in Mexico.

They are definitive unique pieces because they are irreplaceable like lamps and jars which are the most representative articles of this fine and delicate art and you can appreciate clearly the material that Mexican hand blown glassware has unbeatable quality.

Mexican Hand blown glassware allows the combination of different crystal colors, like in the manufacturing of wineglasses impregnated with great beauty to each one of them, jars for example are decorated with crystal of different colors at the bottom so that the y could create designs without forgetting their most important quality, transparency.

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Transparency achieved in Mexican hand blown glassware has a special care by artisans during its manufacturing process; each piece is made with extreme care and with the backup of a great team work.
This is a guarantee to the consumer that each piece has been hand made and elaborated very carefully. Mexican hand blown glassware is stylish objects letting the client feel an apparent fragility in the material, but not without the appreciation itself.

Everybody likes to feel or see the beauty of Mexican hand blown glassware because its decorations surprises us with the sparkles  coming out of this marvelous pieces bringing a magic atmosphere to the place. Even if they are used for daily activities or used on special occasions, Mexican hand blown glassware is placed as a unique art able to captive any spectator who looks at it.

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