Mexican Handmade Talavera

Mexican Handmade Talavera

Mexican Handmade Talavera


Mexican Handmade Talavera

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Talavera has its origins in Spain in a city with the same name. But also is produced in Mexico since the Spanish conquered this country 500 years ago and developed their own handmade techniques and designs. The Handcraft Mall offers you a variety of Mexican Handmade Talavera products such as pots, glasses, kitchen utensils, decorative plates, mosaic tiles, and more.





Handmade Talavera
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The making of Mexican Handmade Talavera

1. A lump of clay is transformed into a desired shape manually on a potters wheel or with a mold and then left to dry for several days or even weeks.

2. Once dried is ready for its first firing, what emerges from the kiln is baked terra cotta or "jaguete".

3. The piece is dipped into a chalky liquid glazed, which gives it the unique shine and color.

4. The painter painstakingly freehand decorates the piece. An understanding of the based mineral color complexities is essential, as the colors of the raw glazes used are different from the colors that are finally produced.

5. Finally, the piece is fired again, at temperatures 700°-1000° C. Brilliance and final coloration are determined by te temperature and kiln time.

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