Mexican Talavera Tile

Mexican Talavera Tile


Mexican Talavera Tile

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Mexican Talavera Tile is a flat thin rectangular slab (as of fired clay) used to cover surfaces, it can be indoors or outdoors surfaces. The craftsmen use their creativity to make the most beautiful patterns and designs to build gorgeous flats for bathrooms, gardens, kitchens or other rooms you want to decorate.

Mexican Talavera Tile - Make your own design

The Handcraft Mall offers you more than 100 patterns and designs from mexican tile numbers to border tiles.

Also you can design your own Mexican Talavera Tile, you just have to email us your idea and our mexican craftsmen will be glad to produce your idea just for you.

Our Mexican Talavera Tile patterns are from birds, celestial, mexican dessert scenes, flowers, fruits, plane colors, sunflowers, etc. This patterns try to embody the beauty of the colors, animals and figures of the nature. Enjoy our items with their different subjects and we invite you to find the best one for you.


Mexican Talavera Tile
Talavera Tile

Nowadays, this tradition is alive in Mexico, with beautiful pieces created by skilled artisans to fulfill both decorative and functional needs. In essence, due to it's handcrafted nature and original design, each piece can be considered a work of functional art. In Mexico, these products are sold in open-air crafts markets, but here in The Handcraft Mall we want people all around the world to meet this kind of Mexican Talavera Tile that are excelent to decorate floors, ceilings and walls. Also you can decorate bathtubs, gardens or any place you want.

In The Handcraft Mall, we also have other art handcrafts like Mexican Talavera Tile, blown glass, wood carvings, watercolors, and fine ceramics. All kind of crafts for your house. Our craftsmen are from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, they learn their tecnique from their parents since they were children. You will be satisfied with gorgeous items made by people who knows their work from generations.

Don't think it twice, if you want to fill a home place with handcrafts you should check out The Handcraft Mall, we are experts in our business, because our craftsmen know their work since their childhood and their tecniques are transmitted form generation to generation. You'll be satisfied with this gorgeous Mexican Talavera Tile.



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